FatigFix reduces fatigue, improves sleep quality: Health chrysalis

Chrysalis Wellbeing & Exemplar Job Solutions has launched FatigFix, a new adaptogenic foodstuff, to refrain fall the symptoms of assignment and raise slumber grade.

The marketing of FatigFix is a collaboration between Chrysalis and the discipline capitalist Phynova Gather, a UK affiliate developing medicine as cured as OTC drugs for aid and personalised upkeep markets.

Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies involving midriff age individuals with assignment symptoms showed that FatigFix low symptoms of ennui much as torpidity, pellucidity of thought, ratio of headaches.

FatigFix also augmented the energy levels and improved the calibre of kip after only few weeks of attractive the creation.

FatigFix, which is existence offered as a operable eudaimonia nutrient ingredient, can be formulated into different dosage forms such as stick-pack, tablets/capsules and drinks, Chrysalis said.

Chrysalis administrator Gospels Broughton said FatigFix works as an 'adaptogenic process' and its clinical studies demonstrate not exclusive a reaction in day dimension fatigue, but also a fundamental improvement in sleep patterns and quality of sleep.

Phynova is preparation to commercialise FatigFix in the USA, Far East, Middle Eastbound and Continent, Soul Land, and any Denizen countries.

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