Back Pain During Pregnancy - How To Beat The Pain Without Medication

Back pain during pregnancy is perfectly natural, and although it may seem to last forever and the pain usually goes away after twenty weeks of pregnancy. And vice versa, or back spasms are the result of softening of the support links and discs in the rear due to the increase of the hormone progesterone during the early stages of pregnancy.

How to deal with back pain during pregnancy

The best way to treat back pain during pregnancy is an exercise of the exercise will stretch the back muscles of women and get the blood flowing and easier than the pain. Exercise the best way to reduce and cope with the pain because physicians are reluctant to prescribe medication in early pregnancy in women and is also a sure way to ensure that your child remains safe.

Most low-impact exercises that a pregnant woman can not walk on it and a short bridge. To begin to fill every pregnant woman should do is to lie on the ground and bending his knees and raised her buttocks up in the air.

If women want to engage in a kind of exercise routine during pregnancy, choose low-impact routines such as yoga or tai chi as both of these forms of exercise are good for strengthening muscles, in addition to toning without puts a lot of stress or strain of the mother or baby.

Rub the pain with massages Great

Massage is also a great way to deal with back pain during pregnancy. Spouses or partners do not have to worry about the knowledge of expert massage techniques. All you need to give pregnant women a good back massage is the ability to listen, when the pain in his back, and some nice lotion or oil and the smell of your favorite music to relax.

Foot massage for pregnant women and other resources to help in the fight against back pain and helps women feel better during pregnancy. The most important thing to remember when feet rub the pregnant woman is to go easy and focus on the whole foot massage (even nail them too!) Since the nerve endings in each foot massage place and many will feel great.

The rest - need not be a dirty word

The next step for dealing with pregnancy back pain is to encourage the mother to get more rest.

It is not easy for most pregnant women to get rest during pregnancy because many women work during the early stages or childcare, in addition to the care of their families.

No matter how busy mom to be, it is important to your partner, spouse or significant other can take over so they can sit and relax and take a little nap cat or even a bathroom.

Some other things you can do to relieve back pain during pregnancy, women are replacing the old mattress, buy a comfortable chair for her to enjoy during the day and buy a new pair of sports shoes and invest in a home massage the legs and body.

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