Also works based on the NZ Locum in Australia

If you are a specialist, depending on your degree / s, your application one of two ways, directly by AHPRA, or to the AMC for the evaluation.

For those who have the specialization that the Australian College of joint / New Zealand (as the ACEM), you can directly apply to AHPRA, Australian medical registration body.

If you are a specialty with college solely based New Zealand (such RNZCGP), and you're going to have to apply to the Australian College for the recognition of equivalent (ie RACGP) by the Australian Medical Council (that's the argument that the direct application of the College). AMC and does not address the medical record, and not the equivalent of NZMC.

If you fall into this second category, you must apply to the AMC of your qualifications assessed by the college in question. In some cases you will receive full recognition, in other cases you will receive a partial recognition of your community to get.

AMC's role is primarily to view the documents and transfer them to the college. Why not directly to the college? Well, that's exactly what it is!

Once in AMC are satisfied with your documents (you need to be absolutely perfect), and will be delivered to the Board for review.

Assuming you have the full approval is granted, you will be able to apply for registration in the Specialist AHPRA.

Either in the path for providing the medical industry, in most cases you will be asked to apply for a provider number. This law allows you and your practitioner, request pathology, X-rays, etc., till the number of grants will enable you to describe. While you need a new provider number for each site you work in, till your number is the same wherever you go.

There are a few tips from us about this process:

- Make sure you plan ahead and give yourself enough time to go through the process of
- No book no work in Australia until your registration is approved
- When confronted with the approved documents, and make sure the right person - and get more copies than you think you need
- And most importantly, to exactly the required documents to the relevant forms. You're dealing with government bureaucracy, so it must be precise!

There are a few things you can do if you want to get through the process a little easier.

The first is: avoid at all! We employ a number of other places like the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste, where you can work with your New Zealand registration.

The second is to call or email us to discuss your situation. We can go through this process in more detail with you, and with him every step of the road ahead. We took numerous doctors through mutual recognition, and knows many tricks and loopholes of the system.

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