Combination Pills for Prevention of Pregnancy

In today's society, young people and to understand the importance of condoms as contraceptive methods, and use them with skill. But sometimes, and get a condom breaks or accident prevention, a pregnant woman is probable.Que daily and oral contraceptive pills at the same time they need to

The help of the pills can help prevent unwanted pregnancies, women with the synthetic hormone oral contraceptives are available. Women in the hormone-based pills, either combination pills or mini pills are classified as. Combination of active ingredients that the pills contain estrogen and progesterone. Injections of money, second only to progesterone, their active ingredients are also in the form of progesterone only pill, as are known. Yasmin is a popular and widely used the combined pill. We protect against pregnancy, nearly 100% has proven to be effective. The active component of ethinyl estradiol (estrogen, 30 micrograms) and drospirenona (progesterone, 3 mg) contains. What is a combined pill Yasmin, three-way protection to avoid pregnancy gives you.

Tricks the body into thinking that ovulation already in production and to prevent ovulation of one egg. Cervical mucus in the stomach, it thickens, so enter the uterus and fertilize an egg to hold a gem. Finally, it alters the lining of the stomach or a sign that a fertilized egg by accident, I can associate and become pregnant. Yasmin, unlike other birth control pills as a side effect of weight gain does not lead. A break in the day with periods of 7 to 21 days is required to take the pill. During these periods of 7 days is expected. Some of the side effects of the pill headache, menstrual changes, breast pain, such as stomach pain and nausea.

Loestrin another set, which soared nearly 100 percent effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies have been tested. The combined pill, the "pill" known as 20 mg and 30 mg dose is available. The ethinyl estradiol norethisterone (a synthetic estrogen) and (synthetic progesterone) that contains the component actiu.Al end of the period of 7 days with a break of 21 days should aspire.

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