Apples and Raspberries In Oily Skin Care

   Natural Recipes For Oily Complexion And Combined Skin
Fruit essences of their useful properties are often involved in skin care products. But some fruit mask on your own at home is easy to prepare. If you have oily skin or combination - this can apple or raspberry masks treated with love.

 Why raspberries can make your skin beautiful?
They are a very rich source of natural vitamin C and organic acids. It softens and smooths skin. Raspberry soon combined fat and skin to relax and have a great breakfast. Works to normalize sebum secretion to mask Raspberry.

 Why apple can make your skin healthier?
Exfoliate dead skin cells known as the fruit can be very thin, and contains organic acids. This is due to tired skin smooth and bright property and is unhealthy. Apple extracts also have anti-bacterial properties of this fruit, which mask to normalize oily skin and acne can be very helpful to reduce problems.

 How to prepare homemade treatment with those fruits?
You can start any simple recipes - a small container with a fork until smooth, ripe raspberries or apples, mash a few to get it and then apply to face 10-20 minutes, then hot water (rinse out in the case of apple) they may find it easier to grate. Do not use eye zone mask for you! This is a very juicy flesh with a spoon; you can add potato starch to thicken pulp.

This is the basic recipe. If the apples / raspberries are very well tolerated by the skin in case of difference, Add 2-3 fresh basil leaves Apple mask or a little honey or lemon juice to experiment by adding a few drops of raspberry mask recipe can enrich.

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