Natural Teeth Whitening: Can home-based Whitening Treatments Be dangerous For Your Teeth?

There are some natural ways to make teeth whiter. Home whitening methods are very popular, Boer, these treatments safe? Let's see...

 Brushing your teeth with salt
There are two most popular home bleaching salt treatments: either men urinates brush with saline or toothbrush sprinkle with powdered salt and clean his / med''saltet brush''and teeth then rinse well.

This method works for some people, but think twice before trying. Salt changes the natural pH of the oral cavity, leading to more intensive breeding bacteria in your mouth. Salt crystals can sometimes damage the enamel. Personally I tried this method some time ago and I noticed a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity and gum (and this effect is not nice to feel at all).

 Homemade teeth whitening with lemon
To get rid of stains or spots caused by dark colored liquids such as coffee, tea and red wine, or foods that discolor your teeth, you can use lemon juice for teeth twice a day.

Side effects of this method: use lemon juice to your teeth several times a day for a long time can increase the risk of tooth decay and cause less damage to the enamel of teeth.

 Whitening with baking soda
Baking powder is a very popular ingredient in whitening toothpastes and whitening products. Baking Soda home agent is also quite popular, and it basically is to brush your teeth with baking soda, powder or water solution.

The problem is that soda is the active ingredient, so treat your teeth with it at home weakens tooth enamel. And although you will notice the effect of the bleaching agent, the teeth will be exposed to contaminated food, beverages and smoking easier in the future. This medicine may cause slight irritation to the gums. Baking quality of toothpaste to use less harmful because it is neutralized by substances protects enamel.

Summary: It's nice to have white, beautiful teeth, but if you decide to home whitening treatments should not be overdone because it can cause a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity, more sensitive gums and loss of tooth enamel. In case of doubt about teeth whitening methods, you should consult your dentist.

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