Different ways to apply mascara

A very simple but effective way to dramatize your eyes and look more and more they are used mascara.There different types of masks available on the market today, such as lengthening, thickening, color, conditioning, long-wearing, waterproof, etc. Each type of reinforcement in the shape of your eyes in adifferent. Read on for the application of masks simple steps as a professional makeup artist:
  •     Eye masks to be applied after all other makeup.
  •     Eyelash curler with a good idea for you to curl lashes before the masks. For best results, the base of the buckle, and once more in the middle and the tip of your lashes.
  •     Apply a bit of dust on both upper and lower lashes, masks before. This is the lashes look extra thick.
  •     Remove your masks Wand tube / bottle to go. Do not use this act of pumping air into the tube, which will allow themascara dry. Also, and lead to infecting bacteria enter the eye.
  •     Wand parallel to the pressing of your lids, your lashes from the upper floor, and slowly move upwards, slowly rolling up Wand tip.
  •     Let the first coat dry, apply a second layer the same way as before.
  •     For lower lashes, use a smaller amount on your brush / Wand, and the point where your lower lashes meet the rim of the lower eyelids, slowly starting to move down. Tricky is a slight smearing of the bottom lashes is a good choice for your mascaraon some skin in the process, so it is always easy and helps keep the fabric is very soft and care should be taken. In fact, you can put a tissue under your lashes before applying the safe side of the masks.
  •     Finally, use the pieces of a comb to separate lashes. If you feel excessive masks, swept away a hundred.
There are more masks to apply various ways:

    1. Try this method to make your eyelashes look like that: Open your eyes wide, and your Wand / brush tip, with masks with a touch only the tip of the upper lashes. Make sure all the lashes, with the outer edge of the dry touched.Let. Do you see any clumps on the tips, just comb through the pieces of a comb. Then apply your usual masks Lash as a whole. Your tip will sail through your eyes more 'oomph' in your eyes 'pop'.
    2. Blot the excess tissue with a brush and load masks: Close your eyes and hold taut at the outer corners, as you would to apply eyeliner. Lashes brush down, then the Groom. Wiggle the brush back and forth by clicking on the lashes are coated, and then all the brush up and down again. Make sure to cover all the lashes from the outer corner. Masks to dry your eyes closed, and repeat with the other eye. Lashes down the comb, then comb up the pieces, and the distribution of lashes. This method can not be a shield to both the upper and lower lashes.

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