Sweat, sand and sun, oh my! Beauty tips to bear the wrath of the summer and take you away from the coast to the stage

Where there is heat, then eat. Where there is moisture, there Frizzo. Where there is sun, sun-damaged skin is - if you're not careful.

Welcome to the summer.

Days may be longer, but it does not mean you have to spend more time Prepping the mirror.

Daily News talked with the best in the city of beauty, to find out how you can spend more time on the beach and less in the cabin.

Hair care is a retro of heavy ice and allowed

Sick of sweating under the heat dryer? Skip it.

"Most people want to go and wash in the summer ... They want a little less everyday," said Timothy John Timothy John Salon in Midtown, which recommends Embracing your natural style to beat the heat.

John Frizzo destination - an unpleasant side effect of humidity in the summer - there is no. Guilty of bad hair days. To give locks the moisture they need, I provide deep conditioning mask once a week, as Restorative Hair Mask Moroccan oil.

The best news? Frizzo quick fix is ​​not just a dream, thanks to these time-saving tips.

"For straight hair, get a really strong ice and simply brush your hair back when he Damper", he said. "For curly hair, I would do the same, but use a curling cream."

"The Moroccan Oil is great. Just crush in. That, and not dry your hair."

Looking for even less routine? Consider a perm. Word might bring to mind images of big hair, retro beauties that look like they have lost fight with a curling iron, but insisted on the release of today's style stylist dramatic update with the big hair is popular in the '80s.

In fact, rarely are called allowed allowed anymore, as most of them under the guise of SPIRAL hair or waves in the body spa menu. These procedures are ideally suited for thoose looking hairstyle without problems, but be warned that ease comes at a price - from $ 150.

Just be sure to protect your investment from a color safe shampoo, conditioner and spray to protect the Sun.

You need more than SPF for summer skin

When it comes to skin in the summertime, the emphasis is on protection from the sun. SPF value has long been killed in the minds of beauty-conscious, who learned to build up to such a cult favorite La Anthelios Roche-Posay (in this inclusion is difficult to find anti wrinkle rejected Mexoryl sunscreen chemicals in humans, making it the best choice among beauty editors .)

But sun damage is not only the skin in the summer of woe - breakthroughs and much more common.

"People Store Their skin feels a lot of years, constantly wiping the sweat from their faces," said Jane McKinnon aesthetics Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic Surgery. "Sun dehydrates the skin, the sound of many breakthroughs occur from dehydration

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