Does Exercise Help In Delaying The Aging Process?

Research has shown that people who engage in physical activity often show slight signs of aging as they get older than those who rarely do some exercise. Exercise can improve your endurance, and maintain the health of the body, improve muscle tone and keep your skin look younger and smoother.

Although lotions, creams and even surgery may also delay the signs of aging, exercise and a means to combat aging, and you can do at any time, and one that gives a lot of other benefits.

The human body already has its own set of hormones that can slow the deterioration of cells and can keep you young people who are looking. Is the human growth hormone (HGH) produced in the brain. But as we age, and reduces natural growth hormone, and to provide the aging process sets in when you restore the level of growth hormone and aging are controlled and even reversed.

With regular exercise and brain health may, and even work better. When we exercise, the heart pumps more blood to our internal organs including the brain. This means that we get more oxygen to the brain, which is necessary for the proper functioning of nerve cells. Even diseases that usually attacks the brain such as Alzheimer's disease through regular exercise. A survey was conducted between 5000 men and women aged between 65 years and over that those who exercise daily show less memory loss or dementia. They also have a little less of Alzheimer's disease.

It is proven in many cases that regular exercise can improve the way the brain works. People who do not exercise regularly, exercise, especially the heart and blood vessels that provide exercise such as jogging, swimming, biking, live longer lives than those who live sedentary lives. Some studies even show that regular physical activity can extend a person's life by up to 25%.

As we age, our immune system is weakening. Our bodies and then become more susceptible to free radicals that can cause cancer and other degenerative diseases. This means that the body can easily succumb to disease, and we have less protection against life-threatening diseases. Through regular exercise, and our immune system and thus improves the increased resistance to disease.

It is only through exercise and proper nutrition repeated we can protect our body and increase our resilience to the effects of free radicals in our system. To slow down the aging process, so be sure to include vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, and make exercise a regular part of your daily routine.

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