Eye makeup brushes and their uses

Applied to the eye and is very practical and the artistic skill required to master and create a nice effect. Eye Makeup brushesare useful tool to help you find the nearest professional work. There is a very different market brushesavailable eye, with all types of users. The appropriate use, such as brushes to help you achieve total accuracy and impact of the eyes is applied correctly and properly mixed.

Use a special eye on the site, the brushes are designed to do: For the average woman has a small collection of brushes. However, more adventurous, or for women who enjoy experimenting with their appearance and spend time making their eyes, a wide range available.

Brushescome two varieties of makeup on the eyes - natural and synthetic. Natural hair brushes can be sad, squirrels, goats, etc., and taklon nylon or synthetic or artificial. Natural bristles are more expensive and often but not always a good option.

The following is a guide to some of the different types of eye makeup brushes.

    1. Eye shadow brush: This is the most essential makeup brushes and Alley. They are most useful to capture the colors of the traditional bottle and cap and uniform distribution applicators that traditional small sponge that comes with eye shadow. The brushes are available in several sizes and can have short handles for convenience, or long handle for easy use: The hair may be slightly inclined or tapered. Must have.
    2. Directory of eye shadow / pencil brush: - Excellent for use and the colors of the contour of the eye, adding depth and dimension to eyes. The wool is an enclosed head and tapered to fit the specifications of the goods. This will help you complete the application and mixing.
    3. Eye shadow blending brush: - used as the name suggests, a mixture of different products and colors in color, without interruption: The head is generally conical, and are not as stable as an eye shadow brush. They come in different sizes: one must have your eye shadow brush.
    4. Brush fire: - The brushes are used for the spots (obviously) the line of cruel eyes, which seem mild. Most are flat hair, short, and uniquely all other eye makeup brushes. Can online and around the eyes, or add color and depth, and the cover of the brush.
    5. ShaderBrush rectangular Eye shadow: - This is a great tool to use for the soft line of eye shadow color on the line lower lashes. They are also ideal for creating a smoky eye by adding eye shadow in his eyes.
    6. Rectangular brush / liner brush: - you can use this brush, which leans on the look, apply eyeliner correctly. It can also be used to set and bait the line fold.
    7. Eyeliner brush:-  conical brushes are excellent for applying the coating liquid, gel or cream for accuracy.
    8. Brush the mask: - masks come in spite of all his own brush or a rod, can maintain some mascara to keep free of bacteria. Should be washed after each use. It is also useful forcombing eyebrows rebels.
    9. Mascara Fan Brush :-They are Kohl brush, brush and make it possible to block the free and proper mascara in both upper and lower lashes.

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