Dermatology Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Its structure and thickness of our skin against aging, we continue to remain subject to rapid change. The same evidence is presented in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin slowly loses its elasticity and will appear saggy. Influence of life stress in the development of wrinkles and sun-ray coupled Ageing quickens. Avoid the influence of aging skin is not one of the great extent can be prevented. Died, dermatology wrinkle treatment to remove wrinkles and restore the obvious choice for young people at the opening of the world has undergone great changes.
Or anti-wrinkle treatment with drugs and surgical dermatology with prominent dermatologists and cosmetologists under the correct leadership of the day gaining popularity today.

The concept of getting rid of wrinkles is not completely possible. Dr. Rekha Sheth, Skin & Hair Care prominent dermatologist, Mumbai, the only purpose of anti-wrinkle treatment, skin, deep lines and creases to reduce the pump is located in rejuvenating the skin.

Anti-wrinkle dermatological treatment:

  1) Anti-wrinkle creams and anti-wrinkle treatment gel applied dermatology is the most common and safest. You have the right to reduce wrinkles skin cream offers a cosmetologist or dermatologist, you should consult. In general, vitamin A, Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), tea extracts and active ingredients of natural and organized as coenzymes for the use of creams is recommended.
   2) Dermabrasion of the skin in the upper layer of skin to remove the skin, which is smoothened with the help of a brush fiber is another well-known anti-wrinkle treatment. Microdermabrasion involves the skin off a little to the extent that it is in the form of Dermabrasion.
    3) Laser therapy in the upper layer of skin to wrinkle the skin of the main problems in the application of the laser stimulating collagen growth, anti-wrinkle treatments are applied. As in the healed skin, reappears with a fresh and youthful look.
    4) Opt for different intensities of chemical peels to remove wrinkles and fine lines. Cosmetologist spots and wrinkles of the skin in some parts of the face turn to remove the acids are used. Chemical peels to keep it wrinkle free skin is often carried out.
    5) Sometimes the oil, Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like collagen, which provides smooth skin to correct wrinkles the skin is injected.
    6) Botox treatment as a result of re-formed in the surrounding skin and muscles used in the treatment of wrinkles of the skin around the eyes and forehead. Botulin toxin type A, which gives the smoothness of the skin in the area surrounding the injected muscle paralyzing. This beauty treatment is quite effective and a couple of months.
    7) Surgical facelifts can say that in 10 years, the dermatological anti-wrinkle treatment is the most effective results. And tissues to tighten the neck skin and fat from the lower part of engrafts the dermatologist. Skin grafting of the restoration of some of the risks and takes a long time.

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