Intra-Uterine Devices of Contraception

Doctors still not sure how intra uterine - Device (IUD or IUCD), often called the chart, and it works. The idea that a fertilized egg implants that measures to prevent one. IUD metal skin, but current devices are typically plastic or plastic and copper wire. Copper wire to improve the performance of the device, it seems, from the smallest job can be made yet. However, only several years for the plastic components can remain in place, the coils in plastic and copper every three years to change.

IUD use is that, once installed, it provides immediate protection against pregnancy. Safety is about 98 per cent.Another advantage is that elimination of an IUD, women can become pregnant immediately.

IUD by a trained doctor should be included. Problem of women during and after surgery, and menstrual cramps can feel like. More experienced doctor and the patient relaxed, and less likely to happen to her.Another disadvantage is that it can be removed by the contraction of the uterus. If it does not consider any of the women can feel safe uncorrectly intercourse.

Chemical methods

Spermicides are chemicals that kill sperm are preparing.They form a gel, cream or aerosol of the tube, or foam in the fall. It is also available as pessaries. Adding cream or gel and spread through the diaphragm or condom kills sperm. Spermicide in about three hours from the effective life, whether intercourse is not the time, more spermicide should be requested by either gel or cream using a cane, or as a suppository . So I topped a spermicide, you may want sex more than once this occurs.

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