Health problems and skin diseases due to smoking

Smoking is not only the people who smoke, who came around and we do not have a lot of smoke damage to the breathing passive smoke, even in the production of free radicals in the organism is a habit that forced us to breathe. Free radicals, such as a large number, even against the most powerful antioxidants and can not: a bio-flavonoids, vitamin C, EA, or, according to the epidermis of the skin we are only able to work. Free radicals, which first appeared in our skin wrinkles and brown speckles, swaying smoothness and elasticity, skin becomes dry and horny, and finally, free radical damage to blood vessels. More than four thousand extremely hazardous substances and other toxic during the smoking process, free radicals, which are produced at the same time, for example, tar, carbon dioxide, arsenide, and there is prussic acid. This booklet toxic substances, vitamins A, C and E to reduce the level of responsibility. This vitamin, as we already know, the negative impact on the protection of our skin, free, and the drive for recovery of skin elastic and radicals.

Microcirculation as a result of smoking, particularly in blood vessels, it is concerned. You can reduce the amount of oxygen in skin cells of the human body with choking smoke, and instead increase the amount of carbon dioxide can be toxic. This is enhanced with blood-vessels often have gray skin, "tobacco Faces" is referred to as people appear tired. After a lot of you are probably thinking: ".. This is not my day, I smoke a whole pack, but only two or three light a cigarette, that's all." A cigarette, however, continued until 90 minutes after you finish a cigarette in the skin, blood vessels and cause constriction. Therefore, Non-Smokers Smokers less blood and blood vessels may be the fourth. As a result, lack of oxygen to cells and lack of food components. However, like the skin of a person is a healthy pink color may be empty, and can start looking for light gray and weak.

This facial skin elasticity in the skin Anaemic anoxia, which is responsible for the production of collagen and elastin fibers in question. These fibers, in part, especially around the mouth, with some non-callosities and wrinkles deep, thin skin, and damaged.

Smoking in many cells, and the only way to restore some necrotic changes in the skin or cause that can not live. Estrogen levels of dry skin, in turn, has a major impact on reducing the amount of collagen fibers which may be low on cigarettes. In addition, smoking and poor as well as of late, and the healing process of wounds and injuries are concerned.

Of course, in a cigarette, for example, a number of other negative changes in our body is the reason, restricting blood flow in blood vessels, reduces the blood's ability to carry oxygen, it weakens the immunological system. All of this damage seen in the first place outside of our bodies.

We also see non-negative is: brittle nails, hair loss, skin diseases and a lot of aggravation, such as common acne, acne rosacea and psoriasis, and frequent iterations. In addition, nails, hands and teeth as well as taste and odor damage can be observed as yellow spots.

Women who smoked for many years to seek help with skin problems to see and talk cosmetologists. However, for women who smoke can not bring the effect of surgical intervention. Their skin heals, and some further complications will occur is very difficult, most likely due to plastic surgeons for patients who smoke, lift does not exist or do not want to be immunized.

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