Ugly Old Looking Wrinkles - Causes and Solutions

The reasons for many of the old ugly looking wrinkles. Reason Here you can learn about each one. For most people this is just one, but the causes of aging is to bring together a large number.

• Dry skin

Dry skin, wrinkles and sagging due. Age and dry rough skin, often due to lack of moisture is. Sebum production was reduced with the aging process can be. During our youth, sebum helps cells retain water, keep them firm and soft.

• sun exposure

Sun exposure is a problem for several reasons. First, because of excessive dryness of the wind and cold can do other things when the UV light from the sun, free radical molecules in the skin starts to behave strangely. Third, as we age, our skin in little more free radicals are antioxidants. Radical molecules damage cellular structures and can eventually cause wrinkles.

• Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition or poor diet with the aging process can absorb. It also means lack of food antioxidants, low in antioxidants. As a result, more free radicals and the signs of aging will be more noticeable.

• reducing the production of collagen

The structure of collagen for strength and stability of proteins, are partly responsible. Food intake and absorption plays an important role in the production of collagen. For example, vitamin C deficiency causes the collagen fibers produced weak. Reduction of collagen production naturally with the aging process.

Fibers means that at least the company, which in turn means that the skin will wrinkle more likely. Encourage wrinkle reduction of collagen and the skin becomes more transparent, with dark circles under the eyes of age is one of the reasons.

• Hyaluronic acid at a level

Hyaluronic acid, the production of skin cells, which is located next to the old look of wrinkles comes into play.

• Reduced turnover of skin cells

Every few weeks during our youth, skin cells are replaced. As we age, the slow process of change. Several problems. Skin layers become thinner. Second, look at the outer layer of cells, just as he starts high. They are waiting to be replaced.

• Advanced Glycation end products - Age

Age wrinkles only recently been identified as the cause.

• Inflammation

Chronic inflammation damage the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin deteriorates. Age and free radicals is inflammation of the goods. Collagen fibers are weak in wrinkles.

• toxins

Toxins like cigarette smoke in the way these people are in work and increased production of free radicals. The reason is that smokers and people who work around toxic smoke more wrinkles. As you can see, many but not all the causes of wrinkles are damaged by free radicals. In my next column, the old ugly looking wrinkles will learn about the decision.

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