Exercise for Seniors - Over 50? Our Needs Are Different

We are different! Exercises that have worked well for us when we were in our 20s and 30s, no longer relevant. Other aspects are important now, such as balance, posture, Core Strength, power lumbar and pelvic floor strength.

If you have not done before Pilates, let me give you three simple exercises that will help strengthen your lower back - no equipment is required. However, if you have lower back injury, it is important to talk with your health practitioner before proceeding. Breathing is an important part of the exercise pilates - please follow the breath, I propose below.

The first exercise:
On hands and knees on the carpet - keeping your knees bent throughout.
Inhale to lift the knee to the side, and exhale as you lower back.
Do 10 lifts on each side.

The second exercise:
On hands and knees on the mat - again according to his knees bent throughout.
Inhale and lift you knee and bring the leg towards your backside, and exhale as you lower.
Again, do 10 lifts on each side.

The third exercise:
On hands and knees again - this time, but keep the legs straight.
Inhale as you lift the leg up and exhale as you lower.
Again, do 10 lifts on each side.

How to develop strength in his lower back, you also need to make good lower back stretch. You'll find a complete menu stretches on our site that is easy to follow from the many wonderful stretches are as scenic and video form.

Posture deteriorates with age, when we do not look after themselves properly. Because for many years, we have done everything forward in front of our body, our shoulders of the curve, the head falls off, and we will develop in the curved back end. During this process, our blades, because little strength in our back, roll back. One very simple tip that will improve your posture right away so easily - you just have to remind myself to do it on a permanent basis in a few weeks. Takes seconds.

TIP: Stand tall, my head with her legs slightly apart and knees slightly bent. Now, draw shoulder blades down the back. The more often you remind yourself this during the day, the faster your posture will improve, while holding down the shoulder becomes a habit.

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