Missed Period


The absence of menstrual periods, or at the time. The absence of menstruation may be:
Main - absence of menstruation before the age of 16
Secondary - the age at which menstruation begins, but after more than 3 cycles or 6 months to close

The absence of menstruation is called amenorrhea.


Many perfectly healthy women with high (average age 13) to the late onset of menstruation.

Pregnancy is often the first thought when the time is missed, but there are many reasons for the end times. Primary amenorrhea rate is less than 1% of the United States. The rate of secondary amenorrhea (due to any reason other than pregnancy) in 4% of the total population.

Amenorrhea associated with and depends on the cause of the symptoms may include:


Galactorrhea (breasts breast of a woman who was pregnant, the baby - not food or drink with milk)
Vision loss (in rare cases, pituitary tumor)
Significant weight gain or weight loss
Dry vagina
Vadharya "male" pattern hair growth (hirsutism)
Voice changes
Breast size changes
Cyclic bleeding without pain

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