Dark circles under my eyes

Dark circles under the eyes, the second most common skin problem after acne. Makeup genius Tikari Vidya says that although not a substitute for the basics of beauty to heal itself from within - a balanced diet, good sleep, proper intake of water, a pleasant exercise, positive thinking, and certainly not to smoke - this is what you can to cover the dark circles, while you get around the living, breathing healthier:
First Concealer is the most effective product to hide dark circles under the eyes. This is perfectly hides the dark circles under his eyes, because it is not clear (to off). Regular makeup is not really suitable for dark circles under the eyes.

The second is a good concealer, MAC Select Cover Up. Start mixing in the interior of the outer corner of the eye - to mask the internal C wrinkles and the skin is completely mixed.

When the third dark circles in the blue-black, select a color, a shade of orange to neutralize the blue-black color. If swelling and dark circles under the eyes, a shade darker than normal color.

Four concealers will draw too much attention to the skin under the eyes. If a concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes, it's a light touch.

Fifth, or do not apply mascara on the lower lashes. Mascara flakes are often served on the lower lashes, and dark circles under his eyes dark.

Six orange-base is usually the best concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes, and perfect for Asian skin tones.

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