Top 10 Methods of straightening Review: Product and Straighteners Listen

Pin straight hair smooth, shiny appearance, there are various ways to create many. The correction of any of the top ten methods of hair is in a special way. You will find here straightening hair straightening hair products and a method for straightening hair will be easier to.

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner: no hair to help to correct the market today, many shampoos and conditioners, but should be used in combination with other products. Heat-drying or ironing to look for products that can help protect your hair and make sure you choose a very good conditioner.

   2. Silicone Serum: silicone serum to add a touch goes a long way in a little bit, because it gives the hair extra shine, but be careful.
   3. Straight Blow Dry: drying Storm effective way to make hair, but should be used weekly to maintain healthy hair conditioning treatment and protection of the product should be used. Keep in mind that heat is not important as a strong air flow.
  4. Ion Conditioning Blow Dryer: Hair Dryers at the negative ions to replace moisture to hair and hair-drying to protect the new concept, but it reduces DRYING TIME.
   5. Straightening Balm: Balm Usually, especially in the wet weather, protect your hair cut and Dry Hair straightening, blow drying, or used in combination with iron.
  6. Chemical correction: each hair is always different chemical presses should be applied by a professional. The good news is you can get the right hair for chemical releases in six months, but most of the need for air conditioning and hair loss, hair color should be used sparingly, if available.
   7. Heat Recovery: The new procedure was developed in Japan, a permanent way to make your hair, suitable for all hair types. The downside is that it takes a long time and can be very expensive.

Finally, we will consider three different straightening irons:

    1. Ceramic Straightener: Hair Irons Ceramic tiles are very smooth surfaces, which is usually thirty seconds, and heated very quickly catch hair that has no edges.
    2. Titanium Straightener: Hair Irons with titanium plates and help you protect your hair from fading Hair color is the hair with negative ions brew.
    3. Hair make steam Steam Straightener: hair iron, but eventually break down, or until the hot water flow will cause you to be careful and effective way to slow production.

Recommended Ceramic Straightener

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Black 1 "Inch
  •     Hair type: All Hair Types
  •     Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron: is ideal for professional and home use. Features: quick flash of heat, and thermal parameters of the tangle free swivel cord. Your hair, silky smooth and not bright!
  •     Special technology:
  •     Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  •     Negative ion technology
  •     Far infrared heat
  •     Customer Reviews: Straightener is very good! Should be more than happy with the product, the hair will be a good 10 minutes!
  •     Price: approximately $ 150.00

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