Family health: how to help children stay healthy

As a parent, we all know the importance of providing our children the best possible start in life, but not limited to the property, giving it a healthy lifestyle, which encourages them to stay healthy is very important, but how you do that? The steps that are needed around 10 exhibitions, as you can do something productive for the health of your family.

1. If children can not name more than three different vehicles, a detailed knowledge of the menus of restaurants takeaway, make changes. Is there something wrong with a packed lunch, but I keep a car at random, and to avoid becoming a habit.

2. The food is not much better, so it is best to avoid them. Instead, find the time to prepare home cooking, healthy meals for your family: Take it with your partner, if possible. And if you do not have the culinary skills, why not ask your family or for a cooking class for tips and advice.

3. It could also be required to find new recipes to help your small to stay healthy, there are numerous books, magazines, television and Internet portals that offer healthy recipes for the family to the family of his new diet foods healthy, but can only be extended to ensure that does not include fast food.

4. For each meal, why not introduce the new plant. Many people are derogatory by some products increases, without having tested? To instill the love for their children, and encourage good eating again before deciding they need to grow a healthy perspective on what they eat.

5. These days, children can become obsessed with computers and video games, but can search in a more healthy, like playing football or cycling. By limiting the time their children can play with these technological wonders, we are enabling fit and healthy.

6. What to do when children are young, do not put your TV room. Not only to create an antisocial behavior, but these teams can have a negative impact on their health.

7. If you are not a lifestyle that is far from healthy, can have a very bad example. As the most important model for the life of their children, it is important that you do not walk to work, put them on TV the other night and sat. Keep yourself and your children can follow the sun.

8. Participate in healthy activities, and this can lead the whole family to improve their health. Why the bat and ball as well as the park or the local tennis together. Or, you can invest all the bicycles for the family and the local forests to explore the surrounding area.

9. Open to the world, new sports and hobbies, and see if something s'encapritxa. There are many interesting activities of the popular choices such as football and cricket in karate and ballet.

October. If you find a new hobby or sport, make sure to encourage, but do not be aggressive. It is important that their children their own decisions, and because they like to do.

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