Products Designed for Skin of Color

Consider this fact: According to U.S. Census Bureau, minorities are ready to make a majority in the U.S. since 2042. This means that ethnic skin and their unique characteristics and concerns are a major driving force in the beauty business today.

There are pros and cons when it comes to ethnic skin. On the positive side, the role of melanin photoprotective mechanisms makes dark skin more resistant to wrinkles. But the main disadvantage of having more melanin reactivity to inflammation, which can cause pigmentation changes.

Pale skin and evening of skin tone are the main problems of women of color or Hispanic, Asian, Indian and other ethnic origin. In fact, if you look at sales of skin care in these regions of the world, skin lightening products are much larger segment of the anti-aging products.

Recently, U.S. companies began embracing the beauty of skin color. Here are some of my favorite product lines designed for ethnic skin in mind.

Beauty special: After a decade of research on the best ingredients and treat multi-tinged skin, dermatologist Dr. Heather Lloyd-Woollery (check his blog here) decided to take them all, AOD learned and create their own line Specific beauty. More than available (this, AOS available at Wal-Mart), the system is simple and effective.

Ambi: The beauty giant Johnson & Johnson is Ambi, perhaps one of the widest range of products for skin care range for women of color. Blackheads (stains and discoloration after cure) and uneven color of skin products for dry and stretch marks, Ambi is covered ethnic skin care.

Susan Taylor, AOS Rx for Brown Skin: Dr. Susan Taylor, a dermatologist, there are three steps system excess pigment that many women of color perceived control. The line includes a gentle exfoliating serum to remove the upper layers of skin, SPF 15 to prevent the production of melanin and a botanical-based bleach to reduce pimples.

Carroll, AOS Daughter: With a little help from famous fans such as Oprah Winfrey, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Mary J. Blige, Carol, daughter AOS became beauty to offer solutions for face, body and hair. You, Äôll smells like a lot and efficient products with color in mind.

Elure: laser company Syneron, new technology for skin care that actually damage the skin pigment. It comes in two-pump with an enzyme (Melanozyme) on one side (which is first applied) and activator on the other hand, applied second. This unique product is lightweight and flattens the skin tone without redness or tenderness, and is sold only through dermatologists.

Through our diverse population, American dermatologists are under increasing pressure to tailor treatment of skins of different colors. Some surgical procedures, lasers and even cosmetic products focused on bare skin can be potentially harmful side effects when used on skin color. The good news is that thanks to the research, most dermatologists know what is safe and AOS, AOS is not for dark skins. (But always make sure that the dermatologist with experience treating your skin color.) And with these special products, the skin of any color may seem best at any age

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