Eye Makeup Tips for contact lens wearers

Learn the art of eye make-up is essential for a complete look. Eyes are perhaps the most important aspects of facial features, and you have to stress forces through well-crafted make-up application techniques. However, applying eye make-up not only get the look right. In addition to learning a few tips for safe and proper use of makeup for the eyes.

If you are a contact lens, the problem might just be a little harder. There are many who prefer contact lenses these days, because they hate to wear glasses to hide the beauty of your eyes completely. But the question is, you can apply makeup from the eyes, if you use contact lenses? Well, the answer is encouraging, so! However, there are some specific dos and don'ts you should follow when applying eye make-up, if you will contact lenses. With contact lenses must be fully inserted into the eye, special attention should be paid to protect them from foreign particles that can irritate added.

Simple, but good advice applications

If you are a contact lens, some simple eye makeup tips for contact lens wearers may be necessary to ensure complete comfort.

  •     Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and dry them before you actually begin to use their hands to contact lens wear or removal, or the use of cosmetics around your eyes.
  •     Remember, you must enter your contact lenses before applying eye make-up and remove them before you plan to remove makeup. Trying to put on lenses with eyeliners and mascara to be a painful experience.
  •     You should never apply eyeliner on the inner surface of an age when you talk is based, as this can cause further irritation.
  •     If you use a cream based eye shadow, apply it carefully so as not to miss the eyes. The basis of the powder is applied with the eyes closed and brushing the excess before you open your eyes. It's a good idea to use water-based eye shadow cream.
  •     Wash your makeup applicator at least once a week and keep them outside in the sun to dry. It will be properly disinfected for re-use, no frame of bacterial infection.
  •     Always use hypoallergenic eye makeup products. This is more or less evidence of allergy.
  •     Check the expiry date of your products and cosmetics do not forget to cancel them once in three months.


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