How To reduce Dark Under-Eye Circles In A Natural method

Dark circles are not many people regardless of their age, not only women, but also for men are nightmares. If you're one of them, as well as some tips in this article can be found.

 What to do in order to diminish dark circles and to stop worry about them?

 One of the most popular ways to hide them, or mineral powder base and is covered by makeup, but this method will give the results you want, always, of course not - it will not only solve the problems.
However, sometimes we are very glad the results are only temporary and quickly. Within a few seconds, will appear less dark circles under the eyes with a soft brush to a small white eye shadow are small: In this case, try this game as make-up can be. Cosmetics do not have to put a lot of - white shadows with a touch of dark circles are less visible, and this gives a very natural look. You can also (pale color, pearl color) instead, you can use a very light powder.

If you have a free time, less natural, such as household tips and recipes can be tried.

The Ring of the most popular ways to reduce (and swelling) under the cold eye of the black tea brew 10-20 minutes with a moistened cotton ball and use the rest. Less well-known type of black tea brews Linden miles or to use instead of the CAMO. Also, please do not hesitate to try them, but it is not only allergic to herbs.

Another way to improve the appearance of skin under your eyes, fresh cucumber or potato is to use the resource. It can be done? Only the eyes and cool slices of cucumber and put to rest a few minutes. If the potatoes if you want to try the game, off, take a raw potato, peel it and wash well. Cut two slices of potatoes and place under the eyes for a moment. I've heard that papaya juice is also beneficial in reducing dark circles, but to get the juice of fresh papayas in there ;-) I think that since it did not try.

Finally, you can choose to apply eye cream to reduce under-eye circles. Eyebright (Euphrasia, euphrasy), the blue bottle (also called corn rose or Cyanus Cent Aurea), Horse Chestnut, ARNICA Montana, Buckhorn plantain (Plantago lanceolata Plan) or cucumber juic: the most effective cosmetic products are often extracts from plants and herbs are.

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