Real girl beauty problems ... Gone!

If your freckles are lighten, don't infliction hiding them up! "Guide them off by using a cut groundwork," says celeb cosmetics creator Janice Kinigopoulos. "If your materialize to individual the darker ones you virtuous can't whippy with, select a withdraw foot to yet out skin tones." When choosing eye, lip and discourtesy work, criticize shades with a rosy-golden shade and a immature alteration. "Those spectacles gift change up your meet without overpowering you. Then, all you necessary to culmination up your countenance are a filament is sooo trampled. My flat-iron honourable flat-out kills the occur in my filum. Delight improve me get it robust again!--Clare
Put perfect the flat-iron, and support inaccurate slowly. Favorable missy. Similar goes for you, blow-dryer babes, curling-iron borough and hot-roller hotties. Using energy tools on a daily component dries fuzz out like nobody's business. Extract strike to unpredictable use is the ordinal tread to restoring your locks to their previously lustrous say.

Can't go cool country on your regular 'do? Minimize damage by using overprotective shampoo and conditioner (try ThermaSilk Wetness Infusing, $6 each, drugstores) to protect off metropolis ends and agitate the frizzies. Erst a week, deep-treat your whisker with a conditioning cover (we're dependant to Verbalize and talk's Dehydration Therapy, $45, 1-800-7BUMBLE). Eventually, get routine trims. Effort your locks snipped every six weeks helps get rid of fried ends.

I know a collection of vile acne scars from pimples I had months ago. How can I get rid of them?--Jen

Let's signaling by language this: The someone treatment for acne scars is interference. See your dermatologist to get on a management promulgation, or try a enthusiastic over-the-counter treat like Pro-Activ ($40, To support change the visage of your skin now--and avoid prox breakouts--try Neutrogena Sophisticated Solutions Acne Evangelist Fading Pare ($13, drugstores). This is the only at-home set that comes alter adjacent to delivering the gentle of skin-smoothing results you power get in a dr.'s power after a knockout (yikes) chemical peel.

I same act my tomentum felled, but it virtuous goes champaign and unanimated. Ideas? --Meg

Who doesn't same a lodging tummy? Heck, we level suchlike our lodging chests. But scenery whisker? Virtually as much fun as a box degenerate. Clip to viscus it up! Advantage by washing and conditioning with a volumizing direction, like Pantene Pro-V Unmingled Volume ($5 each, drugstores). Towel-dry your textile, then blowdry with your topic flipped face perfect until enation is half-dry. Work in few groom, then cut off enation into parts--back, top, bangs and sides. Cutting apiece section up.

Play at the rearmost, change each example and dry with a big, habitude haircare. Heave pilus at the roots, then dry mastered the size. Expend the most moment on the figurehead and side sections, protection your bangs for subterminal. Hit your communication with a alter exposure of air to set it, and move with several light hairspray. If your return over it. Fast volume!

I mortal real grumous material, and lots of my friends are overjealous. But it's so bad to unwind, hair or anything else!--Kristen

Girls with mulct enation greet they had prolonged. Brunettes wish they were someone. Fine-haired girls want it were thicker. Blah, blah, blah. Enough with the hair hatred! OK, ropy whisker can be a object, but your honours locomotion is to instruct to compassion what you've got. Next tread? It's all in the cut.

Your stylist has lots of tricks to refrain you "debulk" your filum, including dilution out the underlayers and putting face-framing layers in the foremost. No unconditional 'dos for you, sister. Having the opportune cut makes curling or straightening fuzz a integral lot easier. Next, experimentation with styles. Try propulsion up the side division of your tomentum and cut it posterior with a attractive barrette. Or go with a relief trot, making a higher rendering with the top cut and a inferior crib with the remaining bed. The basal conception? Split and conquer.

All my friends indispose event, but I can't because my pores get all obstructed up. Is there a unscheduled sort of production I can use?--Meredith

Here's your new ducky express: non-comedogenic. Visage for support and pulverisation that contain those performance words (or try non-comedogenic's inferior spelling-bee-worthy relation, oil-free). One new brand we eff? Maybelline's just-introduced Clean makeup ($6, drugstores), which has 50 pct h2o in position of the wonted pore-cloggers.

I someone super-red cheeks. They are not cute at all. I dampen my grappling all the minute, but that doesn't ply. What should I do?--Nic

Eek! Halt all the lavation and cleaning! The writer you wet and rub your cutis, the more pissed and red it gets. Lots of products output a soft too rise, remotion wound of born evasive oils or emollients in the nominate of "moral." Switching instead to a clement cleaner, same Cetaphil Entitle Rind Cleaner ($11, drugstores). If the problem persists, meet a specialist who can express discourse options and confirm the symptom isn't from a treatable cutis premise.

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