71 Weight Loss Tips

71 tips for weight loss

First of all, find a healthy weight, depending on your height. To learn more read the height weight chart.
Once you figure out the healthy growth of the mass, the target for 3 - 6 months to achieve weight loss
 - It is important that you focus on slow and steady, but healthy weight loss.
  - If you are new to exercise, and then consider joining a gym and hire a trainer.
 - If you want to lose weight without joining a gym, and then perform the exercises at home and follow these tips.

- Flag this goal of weight loss on the calendar.
- Now get a diary to record the number of calories you eat and eating every day.
-Schedule regular exercise on a weekly basis.
- Set the alarm for the training time and mealtime.
-With a tape, write down your measurements of various body parts in inches, as the hips, thighs, arms, chest, wrist, calf, etc. Write down the measurements of body parts in his diary.
-Make sure that you burn more calories each day than the number of calories you consume.
-For training, always wear comfortable, but the right clothes.
- Comfortable shoes are required in the exercise to avoid injury.
-Always start with warm-up training session for 10 minutes, which can be an easy jog.
- Then the session of cardio, which lasts about 30 - 45 minutes.
-At different days of strength training exercises are for individual body parts such as ABS, shoulders, chest, lower body, etc.
-Pay special attention to areas of the body where you have excess fat. Do more vigorous exercise such parts of the body.
-Carry a water bottle and hand towel with you, if developed.
- Focus on training to help burn calories faster. Some of the best cardio exercise for weight loss works by passing a rope, and swimming.
-Or do not check your weight every day, but do it every weekend.
- Go to exercising regularly, and does not form a habit to skip your workout.
-The body needs a vacation, so it carries on Sundays.
-Once each month, following the usual practice, again measure the parts of the body to see how many inches you have lost from various parts of the body.
-Change your workout schedule and move a little heavier weight training exercises, once each month.
-If you do not lose weight from specific areas of the body, add more exercise, that a certain group of muscles. For example, if you do not lose fat from the eggs and then perform more repetitions with the addition amount of leg weights.
-Stretching is important to increase the flexibility of the muscles. After implementation, it is important that you keep a group of muscles that you have developed. More about, stretching exercises and techniques.
- After training, lie on the floor for 10 minutes to allow the body to cool down.
- Avoid elevators and stairs.
-In the workplace, keep stretching the body.
- Playing music in the design to make your workouts fun.
 The program aims to reduce the weight to be healthy weight loss, so do not dream of a famine, to prevent any nutritional deficiencies.
-Go to the enema or a colon cleanse if you have problems with constipation.
-Always follow a balanced diet during the transition to a weight loss program.
-Include lots of fruits in your diet.
- Include lots of raw vegetables (salads) in your diet.
 Include plenty of fiber rich foods in your diet because they help remove the fat from the body. To learn more about fiber products go through a list of foods high in fiber.
- Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least 2 - 3 liters of water daily.
-Always eat breakfast, because the body needs it.
- Start your breakfast with fruit, fruit juices without added sugar, steamed vegetables or grains.
- Eat a normal meal without fried food, lunch and dinner.
-In the evening cup fruit and yogurt.
-There is always a small bowl of fruit (or mixed fruit, if you want), a small bowl of salad and then your meal.
- There are fruit and salad before a meal, provide enzymes that help the body absorb nutrients in food.
Avoid eating junk food.
Get rid of any junk food in your kitchen, and always maintain a healthy diet in your kitchen.
-Avoid eating any food.
  - Avoid all sugary soft drinks.
- Do not eat too many desserts.
-Avoid eating red meat or white meat.
- Avoid drinking tea or coffee.
- If you want to eat, no vegetables, and then choose to fish because it is low in calories and high in nutrition.
   - Fish should be either grilled or steamed, not fried. Learn more about the grill fish recipes.
-Once or twice a month, you can eat junk or dinner of your choice.
- If you are full, it does not need to finish everything on your plate.
- It's a myth that after leaving the weight loss program or activity, as gyming and swimming, a person gains weight.
This is not the case, then the person will gain weight if he / she has the metabolism of which is low, there is more food than the daily requirement.
- Thus, even after the weight loss program you can keep your body shape, having a good metabolism.
- Metabolism boosters also help in weight loss program, getting rid of calories faster. Here are some tips to speed up your metabolism.
- Never dream of a famine, since it slows down your metabolism.

-In the morning drink a mixture of cold water and juice of 1 lemon. Cold water will heat up the body to burn calories and lemon cleanse your body from the inside.
-Keep drinking 2 - 3 cups of green tea a day. Green tea has many health benefits, but also one of the most important is that it helps in weight loss and increase metabolism.
- Vitamin B is a great incentive to metabolism, so you can take supplements or eat vitamin-rich foods like eggs, spinach, beans, etc.
- Include a grapefruit in your diet, as this fiber is a rich and a large increase metabolism of fruit.
-Fortified soy milk is another great incentive to metabolism, but avoid sugary varieties.
-Eat nuts as a snack, as they are also among the products that boost metabolism.          

-If you are allergic to certain foods above, then do not eat them.
- If you find foods that help are better than others in order to speed up your metabolism, and then use them anymore.

- If you get bored with the usual practice, then go for some fun dancing to lose weight, how to dance salsa and aerobics.
 - Stress is a cause for weight loss and failed to reduce the stress to go for a massage once a week.
- Keep yourself updated with new healthy ways to lose weight.
 -Honestly, stick to a weight loss program while watching regular exercise and a balanced diet. For more tips read the best ways to lose weight.

It's been 71 weight loss tips that will help you a happy healthy weight loss. So keep in mind the above tips, and healthy weight loss!


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