Which Lasts Longer - Hair Color Or Hair Foils?

Which Lasts Longer - Hair Color Or Hair Foils?

The paper highlights the need to have the same hair color, hair, other methods can be used with any product, the only difference is the technique. Various techniques are used to highlight the eyes a little bit different.

First of all, your hair color, you must ensure that it is suitable for the conditions. Otherwise, the results are not good. In addition, you are affected by the problem of coloring my hair for the worse. Therefore, the use of high-quality products, good hair to start cleaning.

All debris is removed from the environment, such as gels and hair spray to ensure that any waste products. It is important that your hair does not use chlorine, such as the swimming pool.
The next thing you want to do is to carefully observe the role of hair in your hair and determine where you think it would be very attractive. Try to comb your hair style, dress up, where people will be able to improve the color of the hair.

Once you have done all this, and everything will be set and ready to launch. The aim of the paper is using the hair to avoid touching other parts of the hair. This stands in contrast to the much different hair color hair dye because the color contrast.

You need to attach a piece of paper at the end of a tail comb. 1 inch of paper is wrapped around the comb.

Now you're taking sections of hair to hair-foil highlight. Use clips to hold the pieces away from the rest of the hair.

Slide a piece of paper attached to a comb, the hair color of the under parts. Place on paper to keep your hair, upload your coloring brush and apply the color. Make sure that all parts of the helix, and thus taunt the same color.

Make sure that the color will be applied to the underside of all the branches. Then fold the paper into three parts, but it will not crease or leave the crease line of hair color.

Now the paper, you need to remove the comb. Comb to comb out on this slippery Firstly, one-inch sheets. Just press the page down gently on the scalp and the color will prevent seepage.

Repeat the steps for each section of hair strips of paper you will be able to highlight. Another factor to be taken into account as well as how thick or thin strips of color that you want, you want to be. Can be quite large or very thin, or they can be changed. Choice is yours. Remember that you need a new hair color, hair dye, although it is not completely dry hair or hair with extra care to avoid damage.

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