Birth Control Pills For Acne Cures

Birth Control? For the window? Well, strange as it is not only what has been done to encourage young girls to engage in safe sex, even though birth control pills can also be used for older women as well. This is a controversial means of a severe case of acne is an extreme measure that is used by many doctors to help fight the disease uncomfortable.

These pills contain synthetic hormones, which works especially well in the puberty stages of a teenage girl, because it helps to stabilize hormones are regularly detected at this stage. These irregular hormones are partly responsible for outbreaks of acne in the first place. 

For years, doctors knew about their effectiveness and prescribed as a treatment for acne patients. Even the FDA joined the party and began approving the use of some BC tablets as another way to treat acne.

Although, frankly, doctors are still very reluctant to use this pill as treatment is usually prescribed and other drugs and other treatments first. Once these other methods should be effective, doctors resorted to contraceptive pills and the doctors often suggest the use of oral contraceptives in combination with traditional treatment used for acne. It has been proven that this approach works best, instead of using the pill alone.

Synthetic hormones such as estrogen and progestins, are in birth control pills are. Ovulation in women is unable, because of these two hormones. Oral contraceptives also prevent the production of testosterone, which in turn reduces the production of sebum. Some contraceptive pills also prevent the production of androgen hormones, which reduce acne.

 On the other hand, some oral contraceptives cause more testosterone and can actually cause acne problems grow. That's why when you contact the doctor ordered for the right to birth control pills, is paramount.

Daily doses of oral contraceptives are usually prescribed by doctors and placebo pills administered after three weeks to normalize the menstrual cycle. The use of birth control for acne is a very slow process and the results will be visible only after three months.

Unfortunately, there are unpleasant side effects such as nausea, irritability, breast tenderness, and the identification of the most common, weight gain. Unfortunately, in some rare cases, these side effects are more severe and manifests as headache, stroke, gallstones, high blood pressure, blood clots, and depression.

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