Hair Loss Prevention Tips Every Man Should Know

Hair loss is one of the biggest complaints of men.By age 35 two-third of men have experienced some type of hair loss.Although some hair loss is due to genetics,but mostly it is caused by other preventable things.

1-Eat more fish  they are great way to get your Omega-3 and vitamin D .Both of which shown prevention.Fish is also offers a ton of other healthy benefits for your body.

2-Keep yourself at healthy iron levels.Simply eat some iron-rich foods like tofu and pumpkin seeds.

3-Manage your stress.Sometimes a stressful event causes a shock to your body that alters the natural hair cycle.This could even causes up to 40% of your hair to die off and then 3 months later it starts shedding.

4- Vitamins 2, 12, biotin and folate acid so important that sometimes they are even prescribed by a doctor to treat hair loss.

5-Regular exercise may be the most important advice. Exercise can help the stress and increases circulation of the skin. Sweat flushes out toxins from the body helps the skin in the process.

6-Be wary of certain prescription drugs.

7-Watch your crabs.Avid eating foods high in carbohydrate like potatoes,rice and pasta.By cutting down these things you will regulate your sugar levels and lessen losing you hair.

8-Herbs lie ginseng, astragalas and licorice please be certain to consult your doctor before you any of these in the form of a capsule.

9-Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

10-Embrace it. Even if you ultimately lose the battle, you'll be joining the club with millions of members, and who knows? Maybe you run into a few benefits! Some women even think bald is sexy.

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Jack George said...

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