The Beauty Benefits Of Beer - Beer Masks

To celebrate Beer Month, this article takes you through the beauty of the benefits of the drink that most people like. Beer is not only consumed during happy hour. It can also be used to make your skin smooth and supple! Contains all the goodies that your skin needs, this drink will definitely refresh your skin for the better!


From the time of the Egyptians, many women use beer in order to moisturize the skin and also reduce the risk of skin diseases. Studies have shown that yeast, which is responsible for creating delicious, the foam can help improve the skin of those who suffer from acne. He does his work by slowing the production of sebum. It also has properties that fight the acne bacteria.

Yeast, which is found in beer pantothenic acid and vitamins that help in keeping the skin smooth and supple. It also helps in maintaining the pH of the skin.

Hops, the other components in beer-making, helps to slow aging by influencing neopterin production and tryptophan, which are substances that show obvious signs of inflammation.

Beer recipes masks

Here are three recipes of popular beers, which can provide food for your skin:

First Beer and Strawberry Mask

Who said that strawberries are good only for champagne? This mask not only nourishes, but also minimizes the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads due to the antioxidant properties found in strawberries. In blender, mix two or three strawberries with a few drops of beer. Mix them together until they form a homogeneous mass. Apply this mixture on face and neck and leave on for 20-25 minutes or until partially dried. Rinse with water and pat dry.

The second Beer, lemon, honey and olive oil mask
This mix is ​​perfect for those with oily skin, as well as for those spots on the skin. It features a lightning that will make your skin clean and clear. In bowl, combine olive oil, honey, lemon juice and few drops of beer. Apply this mixture on your face and leave for 10-15 minutes. This mask is perfect to use before heading to the shower. You will definitely see great results after that.

Third Beer, almond extract and egg white mask
This mask instantly revives tired skin, and it will also give you a beautiful glow that people will be dying to know your secret. In a bowl, lightly beat egg white and mix a few drops of beer and a little almond extract. Apply this mixture on face for 10-15 minutes until it dries. Rinse and dry.

Who knew that beer can give you more than just a hangover? The beauty benefits of beer is safe to give you all the nutrition that your skin needs. Try using these masks now and see for yourself.

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W. Home said...

Even beer has been used in some regions in the world, or actually many place in the world as a beauty benefit. They even say "Conserve Water and drink beer" .. Anyway, there should still be a proper alcohol training courses for people and others who handles beer in either ways - beauty or for food service for them to be able to know both possible benefits and disadvantages or risk or beer in an individuals' health.