Beauty Tips For Girls

We know that women think of others first and last place. Skin care should be first
1-Drinks 8.10 cups of water on your skin with moisture.
2-Nutritious and balanced diet such as vitamin A and vitamin C in your skin to ensure adequate supply of 
vitamins to food.
3-Shiny and smooth as a glass of water mixed with honey to drink.
4-Massage the skin with saffron milk and keeps the skin moist and soft.
5-Store at room temperature slightly, to prevent skin from drying machines.
6-Bath with hot water and mild soap. What a hot shower, dry skin as red and not due.
7-After bathing, dry your skin with a towel there. Instead, a soft cloth to gently wipe your skin with movement.
8-Many raw fruits and vegetables which they eat is a source of fluorine, is very important to prevent skin from 
9-Cucumber sweet and sodium, which helps skin wrinkles is a major source of prevention. Cucumber and 
sweet download can help the body.
10-Temperature after a shower or washing by hand, use moisturizing creams. It gives a sense of softness against the skin.  

11-containing hydro or salicylic acid lotion use. This is not just skin lotion moisturizes, but also to give a smooth 
12-Walnut or apricot scrub to remove dead skin cells and the skin rubbed with a healthy layer.
13-In early winter gloves keep hands to protect your skin during use.
14-Use cuticle cream finger is feeling better.
15-With wash wash your face morning and at bedtime.
16-SPF moisturizer for face and body using the outdoors. This prevents damage and premature aging.
What makeup with cleanser before you sign off for the day should not forget. Harmful makeup does not contain chemicals that block pores. This leads to bacterial infections and acne. Only a few chemicals that can cause dark skin.  

Once a week cleaning your pores clean and fresh, use mask. 

Has a neutral makeup colors like light and dark skin using.