Homemade Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

You can count on these cosmetic products available on the market, but they were soon disappointed by your skin, but that is expensive, is not it? So, here are a few home beauty tips that can bring a beautiful shine of your skin:

First Honey mask: She can not feel the use of sticky honey on your skin and the ingredients in honey leather provides excellent gloss and neck.

The second Banana Mask: This is another method to get a fresh and radiant complexion. You just have to mash the banana and mix it with milk to form a paste. Skin and leave for 20 minutes.

Third Orange peel: a good option for the home. Simply rub the skin of an orange in a blender and put on your skin, while the latter dries.

Finally, in addition to these home beauty tips, drink lots of water, sleep properly and exercise regularly to achieve radiant skin!


jennysemon said...

Thanks for sharing such nice tips.We can also apply papaya mask and a paste of walnut powder,honey and lemon juice to our face.

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nancy john said...

I like shining Skin because it is the part of beauty