Hair Removal Tips

Clean this area before removing hair.Wax, threading and waxing and other methods are applied cosmetologists. Hot wax is a popular and effective method that can work in two to four weeks. Paraffin wax is used. To make it more effective to add more sugar.

Chemical mixture of hydrogen peroxide also leads to the disappearance of hair, but can be used with caution.

Hair removal creams, sprays, gels, another instant way to get rid of this problem.

Dry shaving is a bad technique, which leads to higher growth of hard and dark hair. So to avoid this.

Some cosmetologists use disinfectants and skin color or hair becomes smaller and the skin is used noticeable.Tweezers pull his hair.

Electric current is applied to form a very thin needle electrode, a metal probe each follicle to destroy the root. It is of three types: galvanic, thermolysis and blend.

For sensitive skin, each technique must be used carefully. If none of the above methods, hair bleach powder coated or leather cover with a towel or clothing.

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