Correct Eating Habits Are Good for Skin Care

It is very easy to protect your skin, you just need to remember the following six tips. Although these six tips are small, people will be better for your skin, if they can be made of several months.

Habit One: Drink one cup of boiled water in the morning and evening. The first cup of water in the body is beneficial to clean the intestines and Supplies lost moisture at night. Second cup of water in the evening to ensure that no blood will be sticky because of lack of water. Sticky blood to accelerate cerebral hypoxia, pigment deposition and aging. Thus, the role of drinking water every night you should not be underestimated.

Habit Two: Eat tomatoes every day. Among all fruits and vegetables, tomatoes contain lots of vitamin C. Therefore, one tomato every day could meet the requirement of vitamin C during the day.

Habit Three: Drink a cup of vinegar. If you have vinegar, you can add vinegar to three meals each day delay in appearance of the arteries harden, the repeated medical knowledge. If a water texture residence is difficult, you can add a little vinegar to the wash water face to nourish the skin.

Habit Four: a cup of yogurt. In terms of replacement of calcium, women are more likely to have calcium deficiency, and efficacy of calcium from milk is better than other foods. Especially yogurt easily absorbed by human body. Therefore, women must ensure a cup of yogurt each day.

Habit Five: Buy a bottle of mineral water. You may wonder what can be done with a bottle of mineral water. Here I am not asking you to drink it, but use it to apply to face. Mineral water is real, because the trace elements and minerals in it are important for the skin. Dip a clean gauze in mineral water, put it on your face, and when the gauze is dry, wet it again to put on the face. Repeat these steps, it is the result of additional elements for the skin of your face.

Habit Six: Use the tea bag to drink every day. If there is nothing wrong in the stomach, it is best to choose a green tea and Oolong tea. For women who want to lose weight, tea is the most natural and effective method, because the fat gut cleansing tea is best.

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