A Simple To Do-Home Manicure

Things that require:   

Taking care of your hands is important as well as easy.Even those who think that they have no time for such treatments, can manage to take out about 5 minutes from their busy schedule, and pay some attention to those poor, neglected hands.

To make your hands look pretty as well as well-kept, start with manicure.It takes about 15 minutes, and once a week is quite enough.Once your hands are manicured, all you need is a little natural oil to keep it moisturised.
For your manicure, take a small bowl with warm soapy cloth water.A small country, nail file, cotton, coconut oil for moisturizing, nail polish remover and polish.It much nicer, choose shades of pink and pearlised the day. Varnish is best applied at bedtime, so you do not have to worry about poorly kept nails into morning.Purple, purple and dark, too extreme for the dress, but if you find that they suit your personality, like a lady opinion, please go ahead! Ultimately, individual tastes are different.

A. First remove old nail polish and then apply nails.Long nails are best suited for people with long thin fingers, and if you are short, strong singers, please make sure your nails are shaped in an oval and not more 1 / 16 of an inch past your finger.
B. Then dip your hands in soapy water for 2 minutes.Press back of the epidermis, with very little towel.They very delicate and should be removed moisturising.To deposit soap, wipe your nails again with nail polish remover.
C. Using the base layer, starting with a coat thumb.Base, as a rule, clear nail polish, which are either strengtheners, or just time to stop the chemical products, nail polish on your nails yellow.
D. Once dried, apply nail polish.Use only 2 layers of light, which makes it the first fully dry before applying the second.
E. Finally, when the varnish is completely dry, massage of coconut oil / almond butter / oil in their hands.
Manicure once a week keep your hands feeling good.As always preferable to use natural products rather than expensive creams and moisturisers, to return to nature and every night, use less milk or milk cream as a natural moisturizer. a little salt added to it to its beautiful white hands.

If you must use your hands for dishwashing, gardening, or work that requires treatment for hands, it is always better to use manual gloves.And if you think this is too much that should stop you from grease hands very well, coconut oil, milk, and then wash dishes? For gardening, always make sure that small pieces of soap placed under the nail, so that no dirt between the toes and nails.

Remember that very hot and very cold water is fatal to hands.Make that water at room temperature.In winter, it is always preferable to wash hands and face with cold water, preserve natural oils to moisturize the system, but make sure you apply some oil after washing.

Exercises for fingers and hands: fingers are best kept flexible in carrying out the obvious keyboard.Put hands, and some of them, like the wings of an ostrich, then rotate clockwise wrist and anticlockwise.If do much writing , exercising fingers, clenching his fists and then open your fingers, fast.This large open, close, open exercise can ease fatigue finger, but it is also useful to keep fingers from receiving deposits in joints.

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