Six Tips For Long Lasting Summer OPI Nail Polish

Warm weather is here and that means that most of us will be wearing nail polish more often to show our hands and feet. Barer summer clothes and sandals means your feet and hands will be center stage, so put a few extra minutes in the proper nails have the most beautiful appearance. Whether you apply nail polish on hands or feet, the basic principles to make your manicure or pedicure last are the same.

 1. Preparation of the nails properly before polishing. Nail polish will not adhere well to nails that are dirty or oily. Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any lotions, dirt and oil, then brush each nail with a little nail polish remover. This will remove all oils from the nail itself and prepare it for adoption of varnish.

 2. Slightly grandmother nails and files rough edges. Polish will be more prone to peeling and flaking if the nails are rough around the edges or have ridges in them. Filing and polishing gives a smooth surface so that paint will not be skinned.

 3. Choose the right polish. Did you know that nail polish expires? Most brands will only last about a year before they become thick and begins to clump. Field that is too thick to go thicker and will not dry well, leading to more chance of smearing or smudging. Most nail polish formulas are similar and will last almost a week, but fast drying formulas are an exception. Additional ingredients that allow fast drying polishes to set so quickly also makes them peel more quickly, so try to avoid fast-dry formulas unless you absolutely have to use them. A few more minutes spent drying a standard nail polish will be well worth it if your manicure lasts days longer.

 4. Care for your polish. Summer weather is especially tough on nail polish - high temperatures can cause paint to separate and color change. To keep nail polish in top condition, it is stored in a refrigerator in summer. You should also clean the polish bottle carefully after each use by wiping the outer rim with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover to keep the bottle from sticking shut. Finally, remember that you gently blend the nail polish before applying by rolling the bottle between your hands. Shaking a bottle of Polish will create air bubbles in the polish that can cause bumps and clumps when you apply it - guaranteed to shorten the life of your manicure or pedicure.

 5. Use a base coat and top coat. It takes a little longer to make a complete manicure rather than just throwing some Polish, but well worth the effort. Once your nails are clean, do not forget to apply a coat of base, this product prepares the nail polish and nail polish something to adhere to so that it lasts longer. Follow this with two thin coats of polish in the color you want, and then finish coat with top quality. When applying the top coat, be sure to run the brush horizontally across the nail with a little walk along the edge of the nail. This will help prevent peeling and seals the manicure properly.

 6. Do not rush things. Be sure to allow your nails to dry 9:55 minutes between each layer. If the coat below is not completely dry before adding the next, your nails will not dry well for quite some time, leading to chips and smudges. If you are in a rush or simply impatient, plunge your nails into ice water for a few seconds between coats - this will quickly dry and seal the paint.

 Enjoy the beautifully painted, long nails! Remember not to open soda cans or pick at envelopes with freshly painted nails. Using your nails as tools will help you keep your nail polish fresh at all!

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