Negative Effects of Tobacco on Women Health

Since the 60s, women smoking keep on to increase in the proportion of smokers improved by 22% from 10 to 40 years, 15 million smokers. First and the majority women regularly took between 14 and 16 smoke more cigarettes. 

Tobacco and gynecological disorders
Smoking decreases the emission of estrogen. Menopause with smokers, compared to a standard of 1-2 years is the time. Hot large Smiles are harsher and increased threat of osteoporosis. Precancerous cervical lesions also supply to the development of tobacco.
Tobacco and skin

Due to need of oxygenation of the skin, smokers new often dry and "slow" are doing. Slow and fast replace of mobile garbage bins are not removed, it loses its shine and softness. Wrinkles are to the lead, 10 to 20 years, particularly in the lips. Free radicals that hurt collagen and flexible to tobacco smoke is created. 

Tobacco and pill

35% of 20 - 44 of contraception smoke 4 to 10 times the danger of cardiovascular problems who take part, women. It combines tobacco with pregnancy, a health problem, mainly in the last 35 years. Definitely, nicotine compensation the blood vessels and striatum promotes buildup of fat. Blood thickens and thrombosis stroke, and cerebrovascular accident risk emphasized (CVA) is. These problems are provoked by the obstacle. 

Smoking and Pregnancy

Smoking female fertility decreases by 50%: thickens cervical mucus to stop the faction of money, lack of estrogen reduces the value of the uterine partition and implantation in limited blood flow. Entopic pregnancy and early births - Pregnancy Smoking 3, and 2 are at larger risk. Development retardation of the fetus is well oxygenated. Her weight at birth, generally less than 200 G's. Also, 25 percent of homes in smokers than non-smokers creation.

Tobacco and weight

Feel and smell of tobacco smoke can decrease. In addition, nicotine nervous system, which leads to a starvation suppressant, does slow down and fat storage in adiposities and considerably to 200 calories per day compared to nonsmokers increases in power expenses. Smokers, those who do not smoke (about 4 kg) weight are not as much of as one. When you finish smoking, you now go back to your regular weight. There is no requiring worrying. But, physical action has been proposed to stabilize weight. If you start receiving a lot of weight, fat and salt at top to seek the food.

How to make a healthy and fair diet to the discussion with a dietitian. For softening and clear out of hazardous products that are risky, are not long-standing weight losses.

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