How to Make Face Beautiful and Attractive?

Face is considered to be the reflection of whole personality. When we see someone the first thing that we note is the facial beauty or the facial attraction of that particular person. The first and foremost factor in enhancing our personality is to take too much care of our face. Make it sure to drink at least eight glass of water in order to make your face as well as body healthy and attractive.  

In order to keep your facial skin fresh first of all we should avoid frequent use of pain killers as they are quite harmful. The second important thing is to avoid junk foods, soups and sweets. Lips are the most considerable part of our face and we should take special care of them.
Usually, during winter season, our lips get dry and adopt a hideous look. If Chap Stick is used thrice a day our lips would adopt a softer and pinkish look. The use of olive oil also helps us in making our lips beautiful.  

Our face can not be beautiful and attractive if we are over weight or under weight. Regular exercise and frequent use of fresh fruits and vegetables balances our weight and consequently our face gets attraction.

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