Properly Removing Makeup-Home Natural Makeup Removers

Always remove make-up properly before going to sleep at night! Leaving makeup can cause eye infections and acne because your skin can not breathe properly. Night of the skin goes through a natural process of regeneration, so that the undeleted can break it. The best way to remove make-up, as with detergent, which helps to relax away from your face and leave skin fresh and breathe. While many women opt for face wipes / baby wipes, cleaning agents, chosen according to skin type are the best option. Face cloths are good for oily skin and light make-up remover. 

To remove heavy makeup and cleanse the entire makeup base, face wipes, are insufficient. Baby wipes should not be used, because our skin needs a much stronger formula for cleaning and removing dirt, grime and makeup. Net can be used with a warm damp cloth or cotton pad. Avoid harsh rubbing and stretching a person, as this will dry your face to the side and can lead to edema. In the area around the eyes requires specially designed to remove eye makeup, sinc
e this area is very delicate and eye makeup, especially mascara is not easily removed by simple brushing.

Types of Makeup Removal:

Various formulations available in the market for removing make-up, which is as important as applying makeup. Cleaners, oils, face to remove makeup, to remove eye makeup, natural make-up removal and so on. Choose the one that suits your skin and remove makeup before going to sleep, no matter howtired you so that you wake up with glowing skin the next morning.

First Cleaning: Cleaning come in different sequences - you may prefer to wash your face with warm water and flannel. They are good for oily skin, but not always taken to remove eye makeup. Cleansing Lotion is a light cream formula younf great skin, and should be used as a face moisturizer, and then gently rolled tissued or with a cotton swab. Cleansing creams or lip thick consistency, and good for dry skin. They are also better pulling eye makeup, while removing eye make-up specialist is best to avoid stinging. Nevertheless, to avoid those products, said alcohol because they can damage the skin in the long run.

Use as a makeup remover Eye:

Step 1: Choose a light cream or liquid cleanser that suits your skin and spread it across the face and neck.

Step 2: Rub clean her face, but try not to tighten the skin. Smooth it with your fingertips, always using up strokes.

Step 3: To remove a clean, gently wipe the face with a cloth, taking care not to rub the skin too harshly.

Step 4: Splash your face with cold water to remove detergent and makeup.

The second Oils: 

mineral oils such as baby oil is the cheapest way to remove makeup. Olive oil not only for removing makeup, skin condition and is also effective for removing eye makeup. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, are as effective as removing makeup. Usually helpful for people with dry skin types based oil to remove makeup with moisturizing properties. The use of oil with fingertips in a circular motion to remove a wet cotton swab. You can apply the service of grinding chickpeas to a paste with a few drops of lemon juice for oily skin or hot milk for dry, normal and sensitive skin. Apply with fingertips using circular and upward motion and rinse with warm water when it feels dry.

Third Equipment for water, for removing make-up: an easy option for those who are on the move, equipment for water removal face makeup effectively as they come with a cleaning formulas. But buying a brand that you trust and use. There is water, coming primarily to remove eye makeup. They are very soft and is designed for the delicate skin around the eyes. Nevertheless, it is necessary to moisten the face after removing makeup and cleaning.

Fourth Natural Make-Up to remove:

  People with sensitive skin or those who have an allergy to the market can easily make their own natural to remove the makeup at home with ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen. Olive oil and almond oil are good for removing the natural makeup with moisturizing properties. However, milk is the best natural for removing makeup. The following House to remove make-up can be used according to skin type:

Home Natural Makeup Removers:

i. Olive Oil / Remover Baby Oil: Mix equal amounts of olive oil and baby oil and use as a makeup remover. This is effective for removing eye makeup, too.

II. Cucumber Remover: Mix 100 ml of fresh cucumber with soap nuts (mixed with 10 ml of water) and apply to face. It removes makeup, cleanses and tones the skin while soothing damaged skin.

III. Aloe vera Remover: Mix 20 g of aloe vera juice and fresh cucumber and apply on your face gently. It not only removes makeup and daily use but protects the skin from dirt, grime and pollution.

Fifth Eye Makeup Removers:

Conventional detergents are usually not enough to remove stubborn eye make-up, and that is why these special products are so useful. If you wear waterproof mascara, you probably need to check that the detergent you use is designed to remove it. Always treat your eye area with great care when cleaning, as the skin tissue in this area is particularly sensitive. Avoid stretching or harsh rubbing of the skin, which can cause irritation and swelling. To apply eye makeup remover, just a touch of liquid or cream on a cotton swab and gently wipe around the eyes. Or do not apply it directly to your eye and remove it, you end up with a thick, sticky eyes.

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