Women Should Do the Same As They Do for Their Skin-Is Hair Loss Problem?

Many problems contribute to thinning hair and hair loss. Women with poor nutrition or who are stressed or experiencing hormonal changes, often find that hair gets worse.

Taking medicine, using paint drying and always, all of which affect women's health and hair can cause hair loss. Women in menopause, shocked to find that their hair is not just a drop, but are thinning fast. Few women seem to be able to say exactly when the excess loss for the first time began. Usually it is someone close to them may be, sister, friend, or even a barber, comments. 

Unlike men, is not considered fashionable for women to shave their heads. It seems that women with blonde or light suffer less loss of hair. Women at greatest risk are those with dark locks and, of course, some nationalities are more loss than others. Hair loss has been studied for centuries, and scientists still do not fully understand the process of excessive hair loss. Women's hair goes through different stages of its life cycle.

There is a growing phase, the resting phase and the transition phase, where individual hairs stop growing and eventually fall. As 20% of women hair can be relaxed and may remain so for up to four months. This is normal for a woman to lose hair every day, and the normal loss can be at least 50 hairs a day or more than 100 hairs per day. Women are less likely to collect and count them every day, but generally notice a phenomenon as more hair on your pillow, shower drain clogged with hair. 

Often the first indication that something is wrong, that the hair seems to grow more slowly than usual. The normal rate of regrowth is 10 mm per month - about half an inch each month. If your hair does not grow in such a case, or rather, it can mark the start of excessive hair loss. Women say that hair loss is caused by the mother in the family, but no scientific evidence to support this theory. Recent evidence seems to show that women can inherit a problem with any part of the family.

Although his hair is often referred to as its "crown", a woman feels the loss too much want to stay home and hide. There is no doubt that shiny, healthy hair makes a woman feel and look your best, but it is important to remember that only part of life under the surface of the scalp. 

Shampoos and conditioners, play an important role in maintaining a "dead" hair looks great, but often enough that the condition of the scalp. It is reasonable for women to take extra care of her scalp and individual chapter "couple", better known as hair follicles, where the problem of excessive hair loss. 

Women's skin care routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and develop a procedure to treat excessive hair loss. Women should choose shampoo (for cleaning), which thoroughly cleans the scalp and hair days, and lotion (toner), which covers the hair follicle and conditioner that makes hair look shiny and healthy.

To moisten the hair follicle, it is better to take a supplement that can be moisture and condition the hair follicles from within. Hair loss can be corrected, but it may take up to three months for changes to see how unhealthy hair can be slow to respond to the treatment of hair loss. 

Women should not wait for obvious signs of a process already under way before the hair loss problem is solved, the better the benefits of the treatment of hair growth.

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