9Tips for Hair Care to Maintain the Hair Health

Hair adds beauty to our personality. Hair can change our total personality impact.

Just follow these stops

1-Mix one t sp of honey with 4 cups of warm wate, pour on your hair after washing, do not wash and dry as usual.

2- If you have dry hair, she gave a blast of cold air when you dry and seal the cuticle, which will make your hair shiner.

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3-Dont comb hair when it wet, how can it break down and stretch.

4-does not use shampoo or conditioner, sodium laurel sulfate or sodium sulfate in Laura, as they can damage your hair.

5-deep status on a weekly basis.

6-Try to avoid styling products as they make the hair look dull.

7-wash your hair with cold water if you are brave enough, rinse it with cold water just before leaving the shower.

8-After trimming every month or at least every three months.

9-Use only your hair dryer and straightforwardness, if you really need, because they cause damage to heat and dry hair.

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