Beauty Tips for men -After and befor shaving

Many men are still not conscious for their skin care.They have wrong concept because they think all skincare beauty products in markets only for women.

On the other-hand many men thought that they don,t need beauty product so they use fancy soaps to clean their face and body.

I think they need to do something .Here are some common but very useful for men's skin:

1- first of all step to sooth irritating skin is cleansing.but be careful don't wash your face with anti-bacterial soap the main reason is these soaps are very harsh and can make your skin very hard i other words can your skin very are advised to select more gentile face washes. Do circular finger movements on your face while washing.Select  soap you can use also face wash containing glycolic acid.

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Do your know why you should use soap or face wash containing glycolic acid because  Glycolic acid helps remove dead skin cells and make your sink very soft for shaving.But men can use some moisturizing cosmetics to keep their soft.

But moisturizer containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E will work best to prevent razor bumps.Make sure that the moisturizer you are thinking to use is non-comedogenic means formula would not clog the pores of your skin.

shaving on daily basis can cause regular cycle of irritation so you are advised to limit your shaving after every day.

it will be good to shave after shower and beat after having warm shower because pores will open and it will be easy to remove hair from skin hence you will get fresher skin after shave.

Moisturizer should also applied as after shave. you can purchase special products to be use after shave. Select moisturizer having sum protection.

At last drink plenty of water to keep your skin in fresh tone.

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