Over 40? What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I had the joy of turning 40 late last year. Being in the healthcare industry for many years, I've always noticed, products sold to those over 40, but until you hit 40, never thought it would happen to me. I think the worst part of turning 40 is called middle age. I mean, you must be joking. Me, middle-aged? I do not like what I thought would be middle-aged. My friends also.

So now we are 40 or over 40 years and we are expected to weigh more, have less energy and have some kind of crisis. I decided to ignore what is expected of someone of my age and live on my terms and it should. I do not care if they are 40, 50, 60, 100 or more, this is your life and you still can not be everything you want to be when you grow up! If your mother and father told you that grows, and shame on them! I tell you now. It's not too late to keep an eye on what you want and do it!

I wanted to write more than 40 today, as I recently received a message from my friend asked for some advice that she saw an ad for women over 40 years. Sales said that women over 40 years at least an hour a day to not gain weight. My response was that I think everyone should exercise at least an hour a day for their health. Women and men over 40 really need to get serious about weight training. Both sexes slow metabolism per decade starting at the age of 20 years. For men, 2% to 6% and for women by 6% to 12%. 

The best way to combat this force through training. You can also maintain cardiovascular exercise to your heart strong, and as with any age and / or fitness goals, nutrition is crucial! That being said, sometimes hormonal problems come into play and no matter how much you eat right and exercise, weight remains. Most people overestimate how much exercise and underestimate how much they eat, to start working with a professional before you decide that you have problems hormone. And please, do not be one of
those over 40 who say, "Well, I'm 40, I have to gain weight at the moment." This faith will keep the weight on you. You should think that should be in the form of 40 to achieve the objective.

I know that in the U.S. today, many of 40 or more are struggling not only with the addition of weight, but the financial loss of jobs. I went through it, so I understand how stressful and exhausting it can be. It can be a huge blow to confidence. I know it can be expected that during my 40 years, then my 25 birthday, and that simply is not. I eat right and exercise, but stress and uncertainty at that time made me start to lose sleep. As a result of stress and lack of sleep I have a few pounds. I share this because you or someone you know might have something. My heart goes out to all who are in a period of uncertainty. I know it will pass, but if you're in a situation never seems to end. If you know someone going through it, do everything possible to raise their spirits.

Thus, we are more than 40? What now? What is your purpose? If you want to lose weight, change careers, go back to school, business, or something to start working on it today! Small steps to progress over time. You can do it!

Now go out and show the world how wonderful is like over 40!

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