Homemade shampoo

Prepare home for silky hair shampoo with pure natural ingredients, 100% safe and easy to prepare recipe for shampoo in the home.This not only safe money, but also give a healthy touch to your hair.
You can make shampoo at home. It is very easy, effective and without side effects. Take a tablespoon of baking 

soda mixed with two cups of hot water makes a great homemade recipe for hair shampoo.
Another best home remedy shampoo can be prepared with lemon and cucumber. A mixture of one fresh lemon peeled cucumber peeled with a friend in a blender. 

Pour into a pitcher, and then apply to your hair, massaging well, then rinse well. This is a very profitable! Cucumber acts as an agent of air conditioning and lemon as a cleansing agent, as the ingredients together, like two in one shampoo home!

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