The Relationship Between Digestive Health and Kidney Disease

You can not automatically think of the health of the digestive system which are directly related to the kidneys and kidney disease, but it's true. There are several types of kidney disease that can lead to complete failure, making dialysis or transplant only possibilities.

We have two kidneys, each the size of a fist. Their main job is to make our blood clean of toxins, and control of fluids, minerals such as sodium, calcium and potassium in the body. They also help regulate blood pressure by producing a specific hormone.

The causes of kidney disease

One of the causes of kidney disease is high blood pressure. Other reasons are too many toxins from non-prescription medicines and drugs prescribed by a physician, hardened arteries and diabetes.

You do not need medical training to understand each of these reasons are directly related to digestive health. Take a closer look at a common cause, known as blood pressure.

What causes blood pressure increases?

Extra fluid in your body and increase the fluid in blood vessels. This leads to increased blood pressure. Blockage of blood vessels and increase blood pressure. Too much salt or sodium danger here, but this is too much fast food, frozen and processed packaged foods we eat.

How can you control your blood pressure

Most activities in accordance with the recommendations of the National Heart, lung and blood institute is as follows:

1 - Add a natural, organic foods in your diet. They include raw and lightly steamed vegetables, fresh fruits and unrefined grains.

2 - to reduce sodium intake. This means less processed and packaged foods fast food restaurants.

3 - more physical activity. It can be walking, jogging, swimming, biking, skating, and nothing but sitting sofa.

Are there medicines to lower blood pressure

You know best. Pharmaceutical preparations of the biggest business in America. They will make and market a potentially dangerous drug for every symptom and disease that requires it. Note that any drug you put into your body will have a negative impact if it helps with the symptoms that you receive it. To do this, it makes sense to control it naturally, because there are many ways to do this, not only susceptible of prescription drugs to do so.

Aspirin-blood thinner

As you probably know, many doctors prescribe aspirin for people to help remove fat from the blood. Taking aspirin short time can cause serious health problems, but prolonged use of aspirin can be dangerous. Aspirin is a drug and prolonged use can cause dependence, gastrointestinal tract complications, including micro-bleeding and ulcers. In addition, a small but significant risk of hemorrhagic stroke.


There are many. One of the best is the kiwi. Besides the fact that many health benefits for men, women and children, kiwi, has been studied and shown to thin the blood similar characteristics as a person, such as aspirin daily. Of course there everyday kiwis only give you a positive digestive system, unlike aspirin.

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