What Causes Clogged Skin Pores?

Killed pores of the skin can lead to whiteheads, pimples, cysts and other defects. Here you can learn more about a couple of your skin, and what causes them to become clogged.

• Types of time

Sweat pore channel leading from the sweat glands on the skin surface. Then mostly water, but it contains some of the electrolyte minerals such as sodium chloride. As the water evaporates to cool the body, minerals are left behind and clog pores.

Most of the problems associated with pores that house hair units. This channel leads to the production of hair follicles and sebaceous glands in the skin's surface.

There is a hair follicle production throughout the body. In some cases, inactive follicles. In many cases the hair are made very thin and light. For example, facial hair, women are virtually invisible.

The sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is a thick waxy substance that acts as a lubricant and plays other roles in maintaining healthy skin. However, excessive sebum production is one of the most common causes of skin pores killed.

• dead cells

Skin cells are peeled and replaced on an ongoing basis throughout the life of man. In fact, the main component dropped cells to house dust.

Pieces of dead cells can be combined with sebum to form a kill. What we think of as acne is a combination of pieces of dead skin cells and sebum. Black, since the oxidation occurs when oxygen combines with sebum and cellular material.

• Dirt and makeup

Dirt is not a component acne, but it can cause the skin pores killed and lead to other spots. This is especially true when the couple more than the average. Make-up women is not much different from the mud.

Sebum and sweat can act as magnets to attract the dirt particles from the air. If you touch your face, dirt on his hands moved on the face. More dirt on your face is more likely to cause blocked pairs.

• Inflammation

Inflammation is usually known as a tumor. It takes very little inflammation narrow channels housing the hair units. As soon as the channel narrows, the sebum is trapped inside, along with pieces of dead cells.

Bacteria naturally present on the surface of the skin and in the channels will be powered by the sebum and dead cells. The bacteria multiply within the time makes the inflammation worse.

Inflammation is often the main reason for the lock, not just a byproduct of it. Many things can cause inflammation, including:

• Hormonal activity
• Stimulate the production of hair follicles
• Exposure to the elements
• Excessive heat
• More cleaning
• Irritating ingredients in cosmetic products

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