10 Tips in Maintaining Your Locks Post Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation has proved to be an effective measure to restore that full head of hair. But just because you grew it back to its old glory, you just take care of it. You must perform certain steps to make sure that it stays there, and that she is growing healthy and beautiful. So I give you ten tips on how to keep your hair after hair transplantation.

First Do not touch the hair transplants especially during the first few hours after surgery. Not only do you risk it from falling, but you can also introduce bacteria into the region, which increases the risk of infection.

The second Sleep in an upright position during the first few days after surgery. 3.2 Stack pillows to keep your head up. This will also prevent bleeding and swelling.

Third For any pain or discomfort, do not use aspirin or Ibruprofen because it can only increase the risk of bleeding, as this blood thinning effects. Take only what the surgeon tells you that you do not feel any complications.

The fourth You can also apply a cold compress over your head carefully (but not above the area of ​​Graft) to relieve pain or discomfort. It will also help reduce swelling thereby increasing the rate of healing.
Fifth You can not shampoo or wash your hair during the first 24 hours after surgery. But you can restore regular washing afterwards. Make sure you are using a PH balanced shampoo. Also do not forget to wash your scalp gently and avoid vigorous rubbing to avoid knocking out or scratch the scalp. In addition, you should regularly shampoo use to remove blood, dirt and oil crust.

Sixth If you see scab formation, please every ounce of self control and avoid choosing them. This will put you at risk for infection and can lengthen healing time. Worse that can happen that your hair transplants can get knocked out.

Seventh Avoid strenuous activity immediately after the procedure and in the first few months after that. Also, avoid bending, bumping her head or lifting weights, it is to prevent stressing your scalp and body, which lead to the implant becomes dislodged or bleeding.

Eighth Avoid direct exposure to the sun for the first 3 months after surgery. If you must go outdoors, protect your scalp sunscreen spray that has a good coverage of SPF, preferably at least 45.

Ninth If you have used drugs before the procedure, hair loss, it is necessary to continue it after the operation. If you have not used any medication the hair loss before the procedure, there is no need to start it now. But to do this with your doctor for more accurate assessment and appropriate recommendations.

Tenth In the case of ingrown hairs that can be imagined as an eel or a bump you need to apply a warm cloth over the area. Do this for ten minutes, three times a day. After injection of the center with a needle dipped in alcohol. If no relief after 3 days, contact your surgeon hair transplant immediately.


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