Beauty & Style Tips Makeup Tips Advertisement Tips to Achieve Natural but Glamorous Look

Natural makeup or makeup bare the true secret of looking beautiful and glamorous with little overzealous. It improves facial features and makes a woman more attractive. Follow the simple tips to achieve a natural, but glamorous look naked through the makeup.

The use of natural make-up tips

Clean the face, clearing

To start the natural makeup, first clean your face. Cleansing is the best way to make sure your face ready for makeup application. Take any good detergent and cosmetic companies to do cleaning.
Hide dark circles under the eyes

The next step is to hide the dark circles eye. Take the mask eye circles and apply it gently around the eyes. You can use a sponge make-up or finger to apply it smoothly.

Apply base skin tone

Consider your skin tone properly to achieve a natural, but glamorous look. You can go naked with a natural shine moisturizing foundation that suits your skin. Balance it on your face and leave for two minutes before you apply any makeup.Natural base makeup to read now.

The use of a nude eye shadow

Beige, light brown, copper and cream peach eye shadow gives the eyes a natural look. Apply light strikes these shades on your eyes and make sure it does not look artificial.

Apply eye liner

Eye Liner is very important to bring the eye to form. Apply a black liner Eye on the eyelids and spread it to the eye region. This makes the eyes look bigger and wider.

Apply mascara eyes

There are a number of tones eye mascara available in the market today. Blue, red, brown or purple, but black is probably natural. Curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler, then apply black mascara eyes. Let it dry. When it dries, again to curl your eyelashes to make them thick and beautiful.

The use of natural blush on

The use of natural blush on the key to achieving a natural, but glamorous look. Peach and light pink blush on the cheeks work well. Apply a mild stroke a natural blush to the cheeks of apple and spread it in a circular motion.

The use of nude lipstick

At last comes a nude lipstick. Get tons of sexy orange, fuchsia, pink, beige or brown and apply it gently on your lips. After apply lipstick gloss on the lips as a lip gloss is the main ingredient to look glamorous and beautiful.


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