Home Remedy for Hair Fall

Hair loss is also known as thinning hair, male pattern baldness, hair loss, baldness, etc. Hair loss is a common problem on this day. There are many causes of hair loss as genetic causes, treatment, tension, stress, not nutrition, pregnancy and environmental toxin is the main cause of hair loss.
Hair loss also depends on your diet. If you do not agree to a healthy diet so you feel weak and thus can get your hair to fall. For a while regular loss of hair leads to hair thinning, and finally the head. This is called thinning hair, as hair loss, baldness, scalp, etc.  

Hair loss is due to iron deficiency. Another cause of hair loss is a drug. Treatment of cancer and immune suppression drugs affect the hair or a cause of hair loss.

home remedies

Simple home remedy for hair loss is the use of lemon and black pepper. Take some lemon seeds and black pepper. Then make the past as a lemon seeds and black pepper with water and this mixture of apples at bald for one hour.

Does this home remedy for one month regularly and you will see the result. Hair grows on the fact that bald. There are no side effects of this treatment. It is very easy to treat hair loss. It definitely works, and you will see results within one month.

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