How To Lose 5 Pounds Right After Gaining It Quickly

While working in the weight loss industry, I remember a colleague saying that if you purchased the weight quickly, you can lose weight quickly. This caused my interest because I've never heard that before and it was not what was taught in our company. So, I asked her how to lose 5 pounds that I just received from the Christmas season.

Theoretically, here is what happens: if you gain weight quickly, your body is not adjusted to it or accepted it as a permanent right. This is because your weight will always fluctuate because of the food, fluid retention, removal process, etc. etc. etc. So if you eat during and fast to get, if you withdraw from parts of calories and quickly, the weight will go faster.

That's what it does:

First Breakfast consists of Quaker Oatmeal (not the real stuff ... complete with cinnamon and sugar) with 1% milk and blueberries. This helps to give it a sweetness you may be looking for. Yes, you can use stevia if you want.

1 cup of regular coffee, after which it decaf.

The second Lunch is lean cuisine every 1 cup of vegetables added. Cook in a package, and then at the last minute, add more vegetables. They can be fresh or frozen, not canned. Too much salt in canned them.

Third Snack: apple with 1 ounce. low-fat mozzarella cheese. Keep this in about 3-4 pm

The fourth Dinner:
4 oz. grilled or steamed chicken with 3 cups of steamed, fresh or frozen vegetables, plus 4 oz. baked potatoes, white or sweet. Empty of oil for vegetables and potatoes. But you could use 1 Tbls. olive oil on the vegetables as desired.

Fifth Should drink 8 glasses of water each day.

Sixth MUST do 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day until it reaches the desired weight. Should be constant for 30 minutes, and not broken into smaller segments. Walking is a popular choice here, just make sure you break a sweat during the first 10 minutes. Otherwise, you're going too slow. If the treadmill, 3.0 is too slow. 3.5 can bring to you then you are looking for, but surely, at 4.0, you'll get in the cardio, it is useful to the heart and promotes weight loss.

Now you know how to lose 5 pounds fast, you're going to do it? I would love to hear about your success. Therefore, please check back here and let us know how long it took you, and any success strategies that you used. I know you are going to foot so much better. Good for you!

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