4 Natural herbs for hair growth

Today, there are a lot of money to stop hair loss and stimulate growth. Some of them were very effective and others have shown no results. The first problem is that it is likely that you'll rob a pocket due to their excessively high prices. Thanks to the nature of the history, there are other alternatives to drugs for hair loss: using herbs bought them some herbs that help people suffering from hair loss.


Aloe is one of the means for hair loss. Experts say that this herb contains two substances, which together represent one of the solutions for hair loss, hair growth in men who suffer from this problem. These two substances are nitric oxide and superoxide. Aloe as a cure for hair loss for outdoor use. That is not accepted, but used the gel produced by this plant to rub on your hair regularly.


other means of hair loss that is easy to find and economical kitchen is waiting at home: the bow. It is believed that this is an effective herb for hair growth. Before going to the bathroom and wash your hair, rub it with a half bow. Doing this regularly will stimulate hair growth.
A side effect is that from you to other human beings, at least during their aromatic effect
Safflower oil:

Health workers native to the East, used vegetable oil as a cure for hair loss or baldness. Application of this oil on your scalp promotes good blood circulation. It is regarded as a vasodilator (it stimulates the dilation of blood vessels), and therefore more and more nutrients and vitamins that are easily transferred to the hair follicle and gradually promote hair growth.
Green Tea:

Finally, in contrast to previously seen means that all outdoor applications, green tea is ingested, as expected. Catechins, substances contained in tea may inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which (thought) is the causative factor in hair loss. Drinking green tea regularly should then help the growth of hair. If you do not like tea or do not like the taste, you can take in capsule form that can be bought in pharmacies and health food

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