Amway direct sales channels in order to stimulate price changes

The experts believe that sales directly to the Amway pyramid system of course, in return for various levels last payment of one, in fact, labor costs and changes in sales after the markets emotionally over penetrate quickly the product, try responding to the price sensitivity of consumers.

Part of the activities have increased the price of viscosity of customers, Amway launched the marketing efforts the two quickly, once a customer before, and second, to study the effectiveness of the product to customers, and in order, and the universal values of the product. Amway people who come into contact with sellers can now definitely feel that with each vendor directly for utility computing, often carries a variety of activities such as food analysis, training, health, beauty, before climbing, book clubs and other events The changes of the past development of the image in a forum, or even to export small, but by playing with emotions card marketing, client development firm and stable.

Training of staff on various aspects of a corporate culture of Amway. Once or twice a year, luxury cruise travel outside, relatives of each team organizes regular events, beauty salon, outdoor excursions, and the complex relationships between companies in more traditional equity.

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